"Joan's work holds the viewer with joy because it comes from her heart. She is interested in capturing all that is good, beautiful and true as a contemporary impressionist painter. Joan's fellow classmates and I have witnessed no ambiguity between her art and character."
~Dmitri Wright
"Joan Pounds' extraordinary outlook of the world has turned stressful situations into beautiful opportunities for those around her. She uses her creativity and passion to pass on the healing abilities that art has on ones' mind, body, and soul. Joan is truly an inspiration to all that know her!"
~Amy Roepnack
"Joan is a kind and loving mother with an indomitable spirit."
~Ken Pounds
"Joan is a very inspiring woman who has an amazing level of perseverance regarding what is important to her. After experiencing a devastating, life-altering event she chose the high road and remained a positive, happy person -- an inspiration to all. She wants nothing more than to do her part by giving back to the world through empowering children by means of creative expression."
~Ashley Adams